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16 Age Group Short Course Champs Results  TM File
04 Hawaii Swim Club Results  TM File
03 Maui Results  TM File
03 Hawaii Swiim Club Results  TM File
03 Big Island  Results  TM File
26 Suenaga Invitational Results  TM File
19 Swim Kauai Results  TM File
19 Maui Results  TM File
19 Big Island Results  TM File
11 Senior Meet Results  TM File
06 Pearl City Results  TM File
05 Maui Results  TM File
05 Aloha Results  TM File
30 Big Island Results TM File
29 Maui Results TM File
29 Distance


TM File
28 Senior Meet


TM File
22 Bill Smith Invitational Results TM File
15 Big Island Results TM File
09 Manoa Results TM File
08 Swim Kauai Results TM File
08 Maui Results TM File
08 Hawaii SC

 TM File
01 Distance Results TM File
30 Senior Meet Results  TM File  
24 Al Minn Invitational Results TM File
17 Maui Results TM File 
17 Big Island  Results TM File
10 Swim Kauai Aquatics Results TM File 
01 Pentathlon  Results TM File
27 Oahu, Hawaii SC  Results   TM File 
27 Maui  Results   TM File 
20 Kauai, Mokihana Fun Meet  Results  TM File  
6 Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame Invitational  Results  TM File 
6 Swim Kauai Aquatics  Results  TM File  
31 Aloha State Games Results   TM File  
22 Oahu, Junior Age Group Champs  Results  TM File  
14 Age Group Long Course Champs Results  TM File 
9 Oahu, Aulea Swim Club Results TM File
3 Hapuna Open Water Swim Results   TM File 
1 Keo Nakama Invitational Results   TM File 
26 Big Island  Results  TM File  
25 Maui  Results  TM File  
25 Oahu, Iolani Swim Team Results TM File  
25 Swim Kauai Aquatics  Results TM File 
18 Senior Champs  Results TM File 
11 Rainbow Invitational


TM File 
5 Oahu


TM File 
5 Big Island  Results  TM File 
28 Coach Soichi Sakamoto Invit. Maui Results  TM File 
21 Oahu Results   TM File 
21 Maui Results  TM File
14 Swim Kauai Aquatics Results  TM File 
14 Maui Results TM File
14 Big Island Swimming Results TM File 
7 Distance  Results TM File
6 Senior Meet Results TM File
Mamizuka Invitational  Results TM File
23 Big Island


TM File
16 Special Olympics, Maui


 TM File
16 Maui Results TM File
16 Hawaii Swim Club  Results TM File
9 Kauai Classic Results TM File
9 Distance Results TM File
8 Senior  Results TM File
2 Maui  Results  TM FIle
2 Kaneohe  Results   TM FIle
2 Big Island  Results   TM FIle
19 Maui Results TM File
6 Big Island Results  TM File
26 Junior Age Group Champs Results  TM File
20 Kamehameha


 TM File
19 Swim Kauai Aquatics Results TM File  
19 Rainbow Aq. Results TM File
19 Maui Results  TM File  
19 Big Island Results TM File  
22 Manoa Results TM File
16 Kauai Results TM File  
16 Manoa Results  TM File