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  Stories of Coach Soichi Sakamoto
The Irrigation Ditch Gang
Time Magazine Article: Sakamoto's Swimmers
They promised to swim three years and beyond
Coach Sakamoto: Inspired Greatness
From The Tall Cane, Came His Champions.
Coach Sakamoto, Hall of Fame
What Makes A Swimming Champion
A letter to the HSC swimmers, 1981
A Dream...
Coach Sakamoto, September 1941


Hawaiian Airlines, June 2016 Hana Hou in flight magazine on history of swimming in Hawaii

Keo Nakama
's "Two" Coaches
Hall Of Fame, Keo Nakama
How the Keo Nakama Meet Began !
Keo Nakama
It all started in the irrigation ditch.....
I still call him "Coach"
A word from Ed. Kenny
Roy Yonahara, an Avid Fan
Ohio, News Bureau, 1943
Keo Keshner
26 Mile Channel Swim!
George Arakaki
Doctor Harry Huffaker
Nadine (Takai) Day
Richard Cleveland

History of Hawaiian Olympians
   Evelyn Kawamoto
 Sonny Tanabe
Halo Hirose
Halo Hirose,
Interviewed by
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Fujiko Katsutani
 Keo Nakama, The Hawaiian Flying Fish! by Joan (Vis Norton) Wade
Yoshinobu Oyakawa
Ford Konno
 Bill Woolsey
Ralph R. Wright, Sr. 
 Bunny Nakama

  Bus ter Crabbe
 William "Bill" Smith
Ivanelle Hoe
July, 2000 Swimming Reunion With Some of Hawaii's Greats


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Information on the Olympics