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Swimming and Diving Legacy Project

WHEREAS, Hawaii's natural beauty provides a unique environment for people to enjoy and engage in many different outdoor activities; and

WHEREAS, the natural aquatic environment of our islands has been instrumental in the rich swimming and diving legacy that exists in our state ; and

WHEREAS, there has been a resurgence in swimming and diving among all ages through a number of organizations including USA Swimming and Diving, U.S. Masters Swim, the Hawaii Senior Games Association and numerous swim clubs across the islands ; and

WHEREAS, the passing of those who have helped establish and contributed to the rich swimming and diving history that exists today, including those like Soichi Sakamoto, the highly beloved swim coach, highlights the concern that this legacy is in danger of being forgotten ; and

WHEREAS, a recent special millennium issue of Sports Illustrated listing the fifty greatest sports figures of the century in each state failed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of some of our greatest swimmers and divers in Hawaii ; and

WHEREAS, this failure to do so highlights the concern that there has been no formal means of gathering and preserving oral histories, photographs, moving images, trophies, medals, scrapbooks and other memorabilia for future generations to look back upon; and

WHEREAS, such a coordinated effort to collect, preserve and maintain this legacy in its entirety would ensure that this legacy will not be forgotten and forever lost; now, therefore

Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the Twentieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2000, that this body hereby applaud the efforts of the Swimming and Diving Legacy Project to help preserve the rich history of swimming and diving that exists in our state and encourages the local community to make a coordinated effort to ensure that such an integral part of Hawaii's history is preserved for future generations to enjoy.