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3 Day, 3 Channel Challenge
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Kaiwi Channel
(26 miles)
Molokai to Oahu
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Channel Swimmer, Bill Goding has put together a One-Stop-Shopping list for the things you'll need for your Kaiwi Channel Crossing. Boat Captains, Boat, Support.

updated: 10-18-2021
2021 John Batchelder  
Dmitry Petrov  
  Barbara Hernandez  
Andrey Bozhko  
Edie Markovich 15 years old, youngest to cross the channel.
Sara Thomas  
2020  Steve Minaglia  
  Debbie Merwick  
2019 Christian Jongeneel  
Florin Tomos  
  Paul Feltoe  
  Paul Georgescu  
2018 John Zemaitis  
  Joe Zemaitis  
  Dina Levacic  
  Johnathan Radcliffe  
  Lynton Mortensen  
  Mark Tan  
  Anna Strachan  
Dean Summers  
 2017 Ryan Leong  
  Stefan Reinke  
  Toni Ederli  
  Sarah Jane Ferguson  
  Mariel Hawley Davila  
  Nora Toledano  
Prabhat Koli  
   Pat Gallant-Charette  
Abhejali Bernardova  
Steve Walker
  Cameron Bellamy  
2016 Jorge Crivilles Villanueva  
  Ion Lazarenco  Notes
Marcy Macdonald  
  Liz Fry  
2014 Rohan More
  Cameron Keith October 1, 2014. Youngest swimmer to date. 15 years old
  Jim Barber  
  Victoria Rian  
Yesenia Cabrera Fuegos  
 2013 Katie Benoit
  Leahi Camacho August 17, 2013. Youngest female swimmer to date.
 2012 Beth French December 2nd, 2012
Kimberly Chambers
  Kathleen Wilson  
  Oliver Wilkinson  
  Michael Ventre Landing in Portlock
  Adam Walker  
  Stephen Redmond  
2011 Penny Palfrey  
Darren Miller  
Michelle Macy  
Anna-Carin Nordin  
Forrest Nelson  
Tina Neill  
  Samantha Simon  
2010 Chris Palfrey  
2009 Mackenzie Miller September 12, 2009
2007 Mike Spalding  
  Kelly Gleason  
  Linda Kaiser  
2006 Forrest Nelson
Bill Goding  
Forrest Nelson Oahu to Molokai
1994 Robin Isayama 1st Female
1979 Mike Miller  
  Ian Emberson  
1974 Johnathan Ezer
1972 Harry Huffaker  1st, Oahu to Molokai
1967 Harry Huffaker  
1961 Keo Nakama   1st Channel Crossing
1939 Bill Pai Uncertified crossing, rowed out to sea off Molokai to begin swim
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