07/06/2001 to 07/08/2001
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July 7th, 2001, Opening ceremony. The hula was done by Hawaii SC swimmers, Lani and Taylor. Bonnie Mae Tucker sings the National Anthem, and the state song, Hawaii Ponoi.

George Tamashiro, Deputy Director, Department of Design and Construction., gives the opening remarks.

Coach Lucy and the City of Commerece Aquatics.

San Francisco Rec and Park, Coach Art, Keo Nakama and Coach Ken Suenaga.

Kona Aquatics, San Francisco's Koret Youth Swim Club, Team Fiji, Iolani Swim Club, Florida's Sunrise Seahawks. City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) aq.

Doctor Wes Palmer, from Wahiawa General Hospital, gives a seminar on nose, throat and ear. Thank you to Pacific SportsCare and Wahiawa General Hospital for providing the Seminar.

Fiji All Stars, cheer for their swimmers.

Age Group Winners:

10&Under: Hawaii SC, Kristie Halvorson and Hawaii SC Chase Bloch

11&12: Campbell California's Wavemaker, Kaylee Yoshida and Florida's Sunrise Seahawk, Jeff Raymond

13&14: Pearl City Aq, Alisha Yee and Iolani Swim Team, Mark Eckert

15&16: San Francisco - Koret Youth Swim Club, Jessica Huang and Iolani Swim Team, Hong Zhe Sun

Open Division: Iolani Swim Team, Nadine (Takai) Day and California's Mission San Jose, Chris Coble

Congratulations to all of you!

Team Standing:
1st: Iolani S.T. 2nd: Hawaii SC 3rd: Aloha Aq 4th:California, Mission San Jose
5th:Manoa Aq. 6th:Kona Aq 7th:Fiji All Stars, team manager 8th:Florida, Sunrise Seahawks
9th:Pearl Harbor SC 10th:California, City of Commerece Aq. 11th:California, Koret Youth Swim Club 12th:Aulea Swim Club
13th:Rainbow Aq 14th:Pearl City Aq. 15th:California, Campbell Wavemakers 16th:Maui Swim Club
17th:San Francisco Recreation & Park 18th:City of Los Angeles Aquatics 19th:Hilo Aq. 20th:Kamehameha SC
21st:Oahu Club ST 22nd:Guam, Manukai Athletic Club 23rd:Hickam Hurricanes SC 24th:Mokihana Aq.
25th:Utah, Pirate Swim Club 26th:Academy SC 26th:Punahou Aq. 28th:Illinois, Lake Forest SC

Thank You to all the volunteer timers and USS officials. Hawaii Swim Club-Waikele Parents and swimmers that worked so hard to make the 53rd Annual Keo Nakama Invitational such a great success! See you next year!!! Aloha