64 Swimmers waddled in.  64 Came out.  Some with fins.  Some without.
Maui Masters Swim Club hosted the Eighth Annual Polar Bear Fin Swim off Malu'aka Beach in Makena, Maui.  Billed as "The only sane polar bear swim in the world," most Polar Bear events are "dips" in frigid water often with ropes tied on to swimmers so they don't pass out and end up under the ice.  Our swim celebrates the great fortune we have in so many ways living in Hawaii.  This ~1.5 mile swim allows swimmers (Age Group USA-Swimming; and US Masters Swimming) to compete with fins as a way to encourage new swimmers to try a fun race, and to get kids and adults swimming together as families.
The sky was blue, the water was clear, the whales were singing.  This was a beautiful day on a mild and warmer than normal winter (so far) ... but serving as a reminder to all to global warming that endangers Polar Bears as a species.
Overall honors for men went to Aaron Altura in a time of 33:22, and for women to Nicole Forelli in 36:38.  Age Group honors went to Hawaii Swim Club's Justin Keiley (14) in 36:33.
Results are below, and attached as Word and Adobe documents for whatever works best.  Pictures can be found by Maui's wonderful athletic event photographer Don Bloom's website at http://www.tropicallight.com/races2/28jan07polarbear/index.html (Not to mention his underwater pictures, too) .  Thanks to Maui County Lifeguards, our sponsors, and all the volunteers that make this event possible.  The swim benefits Maui Masters Swim Club.