Saipan Ocean Swim

They are annual events, with the exception of a couple years when the events were canceled for various reasons, and are usually held about the same time every year.

The Saipan Ocean Swim is one Jean and I started since Saipan at the time did not have a swimming pool, yet we had a swim team, and our training was in the lagoon. The course is around two World War II. tanks just off the beach in shallow water.

The other event is an event which has been held for about 15 years, begins on Managaha island just over a mile from Saipan, and ends up on a popular beach in Garapan, Saipan. Waters are warm normally quite calm and clear. Both are great swims.

I will be on Saipan for the Managaha swim for sure.There is also the Tagaman Triathlon March 30th which I started in 1987, and have been invited to just be there for it, and will stay the next day for the Managaha swim, which I have not done.

I realize this may be a bit late, but for those who may already be in the area, it is something worth participating in. Jacoby is a former swimmer of ours and is now coaching the Saipan Swim Club.


Coach Bill Sakovich