Mahalo Coach Bill Sakovich, for the excellent reporting on the 2018 Oceania in Papua New Guinea
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Finished these Champs in style with 4 more medals,   Gold in the 200 Fly  and Bronze in the 200 IM for Grace Monahan,  and Bronze by the women's 4  x 100 MRelay, Mixed  4 x 100 Free Relay.

After the pool competition many swimmers followed the custom of exchanging team tee or caps and said their good byes and three teams were leaving the next morning.

On Saturday morning the 10 km Open Water was contested in the PNG Military Navy base with five competitors from Hawaii, Mike Petrides, Tyler Kawakami, Jaek Horner,  Grace Monahan and  Jasmine Obrien.  Hope you  were able to watch as it too was streamline on the internet.  The boys took 4th, 5th and 6th respectively, and the girls just missed a medal with Grace taking 4th and Jasmine 5th place.  I might add that the girls winner is a swimmer at the UH Manoa Swim Team and competing for Australia.  Most of these swimmers were basically open water swimmers and had some rest during the week.  Our Hawaii kids swam well.

In the afternoon all teams including Hawaii took a  tour of the WW II Memorial Park and the Adventure Park.  Teams witnessed the feeding of chickens to the crocodiles, numerous orchids and a bird sanctuary.  The day  closed with three course dinner, awards and dance, and closing of the 2018 Oceania Championships at the Lamana Hotel.

We leave Port Moresby tomorrow at 1:35 pm,  will spend an overnight in Brisbane, and back home on Monday.  All flights have been confirmed.

Hospitality has been super and our swimmers were asked to shake hands with some of hte officials who controlled the competition.  Our swimmers had a   great time and now and many more friends across the Pacific Islands.  Coach John Flanaghan also has many more friends and Hawaii Swimming may see more participation from the island teams.

I have not mentioned it yet, but there are two sets of medals given, top three for the Championship medals, and another top three from all islands minus Australia and New Zealand, giving the islands a chance in bringing medals back home.  This is the first time this has happened and seems to be successful.  At this point not sure of totals but looks like about 13 Golds and 1 Bronze were won by Hawaii Swimmers.  In the championship count was a total 24 medals in all.