Masters swimmer, Carl Kawauchi, swam Pailolo Channel (Maui to Molokai 8.5 miles) on Saturday, 9/12, from Maui to Molokai, starting at Honolua Bay and ending on NE shore of Molokai at a place called Sandy Beach.  Carl tried to start at Lipoa Pt. at the north corner of Honolua but there was good size north swell running, and couldn't swim into the lava rock shore, so had to start in the bay, maybe 1/2 mile longer swim.  Swim was difficult, with lots of man of war and box jellyfish stings at start, wind and surf chop mid channel, and strong following seas at end, not very pleasant going.  But time was fast, 4 hr 45 min.  I started at 6:00am, I hear they closed Honolua and the adjoining bay at 10:00 am due to tiger sharks feeding in the area, so the sharks probably were there when I started.  I'm glad I didn't see them.

Hawaii to Maui! 30 miles! Linda Kaiser swam Alenuihaha channel on Saturday as well, in a strong time (17 hr) - quite a swim by Linda!