What is Expected ?

Each Club has a different philosophy for their own program,
these are guidelines.

If you have any questions, ask your coach!

From the Swimmers !:

1. Good behavior at all times - during training, at meets, fund raisers, etc. Chronic bad behavior is not good for other swimmers or the team.

2. Respect for others - parents, coaches, swimmers (from other clubs too), officials, etc.

3. Promptness at all club activities - training, meets, fund raisers, social activities.

4. Attendance at training - discuss with your coach how many training sessions you can attend per week and make a commitment. The coach realizes other commitments that you have and respect that. Once you make the commitment, stick to it !

5. Attentiveness - listen to your coaches, do not talk when they are talking. Pay attention to officials at meets.

6. Obey all rules - club rules, pool rules, meet rules. They exist for your safety and benefit.

7. Gratitude towards others - be quick to say "Thank You" to all who are helping you, your coaches, the meet officials, your teammates and your parents.

8. Be the best that you can be - have a positive attitude. Your coach will help you establish goals for yourself so - GO FOR IT !

From Parents:

1. Support your child(ren) for all of the above.

2. Help at our fund raisers - these are for the benefit of your child(ren). Please contribute your fair share of time.

3. Help at meets - the swimming program will be as strong as parents are willing to help. You can be a timer, announcer, clerk, computer/console operator or a deck official.

4. Get involved with club matters - all parents should be in at least one committee. You can also be an elected officer.

Setting Goals:

At the start of each season, each swimmer will establish goals (levels of performance).

The swimmer and parents will be expected to make the necessary commitments (attendance and trying their best during training and at meets ) to meet these goals.

Borrowed from the Hawaii Swimming Club Parent's Handbook